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About Us

Our Experience

Our Consultants, Trainers and Coaches have over 24 years of experience across many industries and within all areas of an organization's Product Management.  Ask us about:

  • Scrum & Agile Transformations
  • Scrum & Agile Training
  • Scrum & Agile Coaching
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Agile Leadership 

Our Approach

Our style is to create positive impacts to each and every team member while delivering the most effective Scrum and Agile training and coaching services available.  Teams are complex - understanding and nurturing individual needs is essential in building team cohesion and team 'super strength'.  Scrum coaching accomplishes this. 

We train and coach you and your teams to become high performing.  

We lead by example and celebrate successes and failures alike during training, coaching and while delivering IT consulting!   

We teach you how to sustain productivity without stress long after we are gone.  .  

Why Us?

Experience, knowledge, focus, passion  and energy are just a few reasons to choose The Malea Corp.  

With over 24 years of hands on experience transforming Customer experiences through the application of complex software solutions, The Malea Corp knows what works and what doesn't work.  

We want to share this wisdom and knowledge in all our engagements to maximize the customer experience without maximizing your company's technology budget.  

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